Overnight Pet/House-Sitting

Overnight Pet/House-Sitting Services Include:

This unique service is great for anxious or lonely pets as it combines all of the standard pet/house-sitting services with the comfort that 1) your pet's normal routines are not disrupted and 2) your home is looked after while you are away. Overnight pet-sitting services include feeding/walking/play/petting at night, constant companionship throughout the night and feeding/walking/play/petting in the morning.

  • Complimentary Initial Meeting (a meet-and-greet for you, your pet(s) and I to meet and get acquainted before pet sitting services commence)

  • Petting, playing and/or walking

  • Feeding (as directed) and water refresh

  • Litter box/cage cleaning and/or scooping

  • A Pet PURRogress or PAWrogress Report

  • Additional house-sitting services if/as needed (i.e. mail/newspaper collection, watering of house plants, changing the lights/blinds, etc.)


  • $100/12-hour visit (arriving between 6pm-8pm and leaving between 6am-8am)